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A Heart Like Yours
A Living Hope
A Los Abatidos
A Mighty Fortress Is Our God
A Passion For You
A Place In The Hills
A Rocha
A Ti me entrego
Abba Father
Above All Else
Above All Others
Acende o fogo em mim
Adoramus Te
Agnus Dei
Aleluia, Gloria
Aleluia, glória (Hallelujah Glory)
All Creation
All For You
All From You
All Glory To You
All Hail Jesus
All I Have
All I Need
All I Want
All In All
All My Days
All Of My Love
All Over The World (Butler)
All Singing Child
All That I Need
All That You Are
All To Jesus I Surrender
All To You
All You Are
All Your Promises
All Your Ways
Alone With You
Altogether Lovely
Always Grateful
Amen Hallelujah
Ancient King
Ancient Of Days
And I Worship
And We Worship You
Another Drink
Answer Us
Anything For This Love
Anything You Ask
Ao Meu Lado
Arise Oh Lord
Arms Of Love
Arms Of My Father
Army Of God
Army Of Light
Army Of Saints
As Children
As I Abide In You
As I Bow Down
Às Vezes Tenho Medo
As Wonderful As You
At All Times
At The Cross
At The Foot Of The Cross
Aviva El Fuego En Mi
Awaken The Song
Away In a Manger
Awesome Beauty
Awesome God
Back To The Cross
Balm Of Gilead
Battle Prayer
Be Exalted
Be Found Ready
Be Magnified
Be My Guide
Be Still
Be the Centre
Be The One
Beautiful Affection
Beautiful God
Beautiful To Me
Because Of The Lord's Great Love
Because Of This Love
Before You
Before You Call
Before You Now
Better Than
Better Than Life
Bless His Name
Blessed Are They
Blessed Be The Name
Blessed Be Your Holy Name Lord Jesus
Born To Be Free
Bought Back
Bow Before The Lord
Break Dividing Walls
Break Our Hearts
Breath Of God
Bright And Shining Star
Brighter Day
Bring Me Back
Bring The Breaking
Bring Your Kingdom
Burn In Me
But For Now
By Your Side
Can You Hear
Cantarei Teu amor para sempre
Carry Me Away
Change Me On The Inside
Change My Heart Oh God
Child of God
Clamo a Ti
Close To You
Come And fill Me Up
Come Down
Come Lord Come
Come To Me
Come, now is the time
Come, Now Is The Time To Worship
Comes From The Heavens
Como Filhos
Confort Me
Creation Calls
Cry Of My Heart
Derramo Mi Corazón
Deus de Nossos Pais
Divino Amor
Dolcemente Vinto
Don't Want To Grieve You
Draw Me Close
Draw Me Close To You
Draw Nearer
Dying To Return
E ele vem
Eis-me aqui
Él Es Yahvé
El Río Está Aquí
En Secreto
Eres el Centro
Erga a Voz e Adore
És a Fonte
Eterno Deus
Eu Amo a Tua Presença
Eu Confio em Ti
Eu Creio Em Jesus
Eu creio em Jesus (I believe in Jesus)
Eu Me Alegro
Eu Olho Para Cruz (Quebrantado)
Eu Só Tenho a Ti
Eu Só Tenho a Ti (All I Have)
Even Here You Are
Even Though
Ever So Gently
Every Day
Exalt The Lord
Faithful Father
Faithful One
Fall Into You
Fall On Me
Fall On Us Now
Falling In Love With You
Father Of Lights
Faz Morada Em Mim
Find Your Way To Me
Fique em nosso meio
First Love
For Me
Forever My Friend
Forever You
Free To Fly
Full Of His Glory
Glorious Life
Glory To Jesus
Glory To The King
Glory To The One
Glory, Honor, Power
God Of All Splendor
God Of Glory
Good To Me
Good Will Make a Way
Grande Deus
Great Are You Lord
Great Is Your Name
Habita entre nós
Hallelujah (Shout To The Earth)
Hallelujah (Your Love Is Amazing)
Have Mercy
Haven't You Been Good
Haz Tu Hogar en Mí
He Carries All My Sorrow
He is Yahweh
Hear Me
Heart Of The Heavens
Here Am I
Here In Your Presence
Here We Are
Hide Me in the Shelter
Higher Than I
Hijo(a) de Dios
His Loving Kindness
Ho Soltanto Te
Holy And Anointed One
Holy Fire
Holy Holy Holy Is The Lord
Holy Is The Lord
Holy Is The Lord My God
Home Again
How Could I Live Without You
How I Love You Lord
How I Love You So
How Is It
How We Love You
Humble King
Hungry (Falling on My Knees)
I Am Yours
I Believe
I Believe In Jesus
I Give You My Heart
I Have Been Redeemed
I Hide In You
I Love You
I Love You Lord
I Love Your Presence
I Love Your Ways
I Need You
I Need You More
I See The Cross
I Surrender
I Want to Be Faithful
I Want To Meet You There
I Want To See You Now
I Will Hold On
I Will Lift My Hands
I Will Not Be Shaken
I Will Praise You (Psalm 42)
I Will Rejoice
I Will Sing
I Would Do Anything
I've Got a Friend
If God Is For Us
If You Say Go
In The Secret
In You We Live
Invitacion Fountain
Isn't He
Isn't This The Way You Are
It's Your Blood
J'ai Tant Besoin de Toi
Já Ouviste Minha Voz
Je T'Ouvre Mon Coeur
Jesus Lover Of My Soul
Jesus You're Alive
Jesus, Jesus (Take Me As I Am)
Jesus, sois le centre
Jesus, Você Me Libertou
Journey Home
Just Like Heaven
Just To Be With You
Keep Me
King Forever
King Of Creation (Leza)
Kingdom Celebration
Komm, Jetzt Ist Die Zeit Wir Beten An
La Creación Busca de Ti
La Tua Grazia Mi Basta
La Tua Voce
Laços de Amor
Lament For The Nation
Lead Me To Your side
Led Like A Lamb
Let It Come
Let My Heart Be your Home
Let My Life Be Like A Love Song
Let The River Flow
Let Us Be
Let Your Glory Fall
Light The Fire Again
Lily Of The Valley
Loda Dio
Long To Know You
Lord Come Now
Lord I Am Coming
Lord Reign In Me
Lord You're Near
Louve a Ti
Love Divine
Love Me Like You Do
Love Me Like You do (So Amazing)
Mais amor
Mais Amor, Mais Poder
Mais amor, mais poder (More love, more power)
Mais Que Digno
Mais Que Paixão
Mais que um amigo Tu és
Make Me Whole
Make Me Yours
Make Your Home in Me
Man Of Sorrows
Me Ama Como Eu Sou
Me Deleito em Ti
Me deleito em Ti (I delight in you)
Me Derramar
Me derramar (Pour out my heart)
Me Surpreende
Me Transformar
Meet with me
Merciful GOD
Mercy is Falling
Meu Respirar
Meu respirar (Breathe)
More Love, More Power
More Than a Friend
More Than Anything
More Than Ever
Moves In Me
Multiply Your Love
My Everthing
My King And My God
My One And Only
My One Desire
My Redeemer Lives
My Security
My Soul
My Soul Finds Rest
Nada É Mais Digno
Não há Maior
New Creation
New Day
New Every Morning
New Song
No controle Tu estás
No Greater Love
No hay Nadie Como Dios
No Longer Strangers
No Other One
Nos Alegraremos
Not Of Our Hands
O Great Light
O meu amor
O poderoso
O Que Eu Poderia Te Dar
Oh Lord
Oh Lord Most High
Olhos Fixos
One Day
One Glimpse
One Thing
Only You
Only You (I Will Worship)
Open The Eyes Of My Heart
Pai de Luz
Pai, Tu és Santo
Party In The House
Perdão e Graça
Perfect Peace
Perfect Sacrifice
Perfeito Amor
Più Di Un Amico Tu Sei
Posso Ouvir o Som Celeste
Pour out my heart
Praise Song
Precious Jesus
Primeiro Amor
Prince of Peace
Psalm 113
Psalm 13
Psalm 19
Psalm 86
Quão Lindo És
Que Vem do Céu
Quem és tu
Quero Amar Você
Quero me mover
Quero Tanto Agradecer
Quero Te engrandecer
Quero te ouvir
Rain Down (Come To Us)
Real Love
Recebo Sim
Refiner's Fire
Refuge in you
Refugio en Ti
Rei Eterno
Reina Em Mim
Reina em mim (Lord reign in me)
Reina O poderoso Deus
Reina Tú En Mi
Remember (Isaiah 44:21-22)
Rescue Me
Resposta certa
Resting Place
Rey de la Humildad
Rhythm Of Heaven
Right Here
Risen One
River Run High
Rude Cruz
Salmos 19
Santo Amor
Santo e ungido
Save Me
Seja o Centro
Seja o centro (Be the centre)
Sem Medo
Sempre Permanerá
Send Your Rain
Senhor da Criação
Senhor Te Quero
Senhor, eu te amo
Senhor, Te quero (In the secret)
Ser Assim Como És
Ser assim como És (Take my life)
Serving You
Set Me On Fire
Shine On
Show Me The Way
Sientes Tú el Ritmo del Cielo
Simple Token
Sing Hallelujah
Sing Over Me
Sing To The Lord
Skin And Bones
So Good
So In Need
So Near
So Now We Come
So Worthy Of All Praise
Sólo Tú
Som Celeste
Son Shining
Song From The Heart
Sopro de Deus
Sou Feliz
Sovereign Lord
Spirit Burn
Spirit of the Sovereign Lord
Spirit Song
Stir In Me
Sufficient For Me
Surely Goodness
Surely Goodness And Mercy
Surround Me
Sweet Wind
Sweetest Sound
Sweetly Broken
Tão Profundo
Tão Profundo (Furious)
Te Amo de Montão
Teu amor é incrível
Teu Nome É Santo
Thank You
Thank You For The Cross
The Lord Is Gracious And Compassionate
The River Is Here
The Weight Of The World
There's No One Like Our God
This Is Love
This Place
Throne Of Grace
Time After Time
To A Thousand Generations
To Live
To The King
To You Alone
Todos Que Têm Sede
Todos que têm sede (All who are thristy)
Tome Tudo de Mim
Traz-me Junto a Ti
Tu És Bom
Tu és Deus de Graça
Tu És Digno do Meu Louvor
Tu és meu Rei
Tu És o Grande Eu Sou
Tu És Tão Lindo
Tu Nombre Es Santo
Tua Graça
Tua misericórdia, Senhor, se derrama
Tua Misericórdia, Senhor, Se Derrama / o Meu Amor / Senhor, Te Quero (medley)
Tua presença
Tua Voz
Tudo entregarei
Turn It All Down
Unfailing Love
Unspeakable Joy
Unspoken Truth
Vem e enche-me
Vem sobre mim
Vem, Esta É a Hora
Vem, esta é a hora (Come, now is the time to worship)
Ven Y Lléname
Verdad Sin Hablar
Vim Para Adorar Te
Vineyard Music
Volte os olhos pra Jesus
Waiting On You Again
Wash Over Me
We Exalt Your Name
We Need More
We Will
We Will Be Together
We Will Dance
We Will Ride
What A Child Is Meant To Be
What a Love (Redeemer)
What Can I Bring
What Love Is This?
When I Survey The Wondrous Cross
When you Call My Name
Who Is Like Our God
Who Is This
Whom Have I But You
With You
Yet I Will Praise
Yo Rindo Todo a Ti
You Amaze Me
You And You Alone
You are a Holy God
You Are God
You Are Holy
You Are My King
You Are My Shelter
You Are So Beautiful
You Are Still Holy
You Are The Light
You Have Called Me
You Know
You So Loved The World
You Will Remain
You're Carriyng Me
You're The Love
Your Amazing Love
Your Are My All In All
Your Beauty Is Astounding
Your Blood Says Everything
Your Grace
Your Joy
Your Love Is Amazing
Your Love Reaches Me (Psalm 36)
Your Mercy
Your Name is Holy

Curiosités sur Vineyard

Quelles sont les chansons principales de Vineyard?
Les chansons principales de Vineyard sont “Quebrantado”, “Me Derramar”, “Meu Respirar”, “Reina Em Mim”, et “Perdão e Graça”.
Quels sont les albums principaux de Vineyard?
Les albums principaux de Vineyard sont “Vem Esta É a Hora (Ao Vivo)”, “Meu Respirar : Piano”, “Vem, está e a hora”, “Vem esta é a hora”, et “Adorando Em Casa, Vol. 1: Quebrantado”.
Quel est l’album le plus récent de Vineyard?
L’album le plus récent de Vineyard est “Adorando Em Casa, Vol. 2: Que Vem do Céu”, sorti en 2015 avec 7 pistes.
Quel est l’album le plus ancien de Vineyard?
L’album le plus ancien de Vineyard est “QUEBRANTADO” avec 11 pistes.
Quelle est la chanson la plus réussie de Vineyard?
La chanson la plus populaire de Vineyard est “Quebrantado”, de l’album “QUEBRANTADO”.
Combien d’albums ont été publiés par Vineyard?
Entre 2001 et 2015, 11 Albums ont été publiés par Vineyard.

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