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A Better Way To Save The World
A Brief History
A Matter Of Time
Angeline Is Coming Home
Back To The Start (feat. Mihali)
Back Where We Came From
Bad News
Be Aware
Be With Me Now
Beacon Of Light
Bleed Through
Born In Babylon
Break it Down
Bring Back Truth
Brothers And Sisters
By My Side
Can't Tell Me
Creeping In
Decide You're Gone
Did You Ever
Don't Forget
Don't Worry
Don´t Let Me Hide
Driving Faster (feat. Bobby Lee)
Easier (feat. Anuhea & J Boog)
Easier Done Than Said
Everything Changes
Everything Changes (feat. O Rappa)
Everything To Me
Faith Works
Fall Like Rain
Fire In The Sky
Forgive, Don't Forget
Freedom Time
Gone Today
Here I Am (feat. Rebelution)
I Believe
I Can't Stop Dreaming
I Don't Wanna Wait
I Found You
I Tried
I've Got Time
It's Funny
It's Not Too Late
Jah Atmosphere
Jah Is Listening Now
Let You Go
Life Support
Like It Used To (feat. Mala Rodríguez)
Look Within
Losing My Mind
Lucid Dreams
Mi Madda
Morning (feat. Natiruts & Gomba Jahbari)
Mother Earth
Moving Stones
My Life Alone
Never Ever
Non-partial, Non-political (Jah Love)
Not Done Yet
Nothing Much Of Anything
Nuclear Bomb
Olhe o Interior
Once Upon a Time
Open My Eyes
Ore Hill
Peace In a Time Of War
Poison Ivy
Press Rewind
Prison Blues
Promises And Pills (feat. Alfred The Mc)
Queen Of Perfection
Rasta Courage
Reason To Live
Rest Of My Life
Revolution Cry
Road To Paradise
Running Up That Hill
She Still Loves Me
She's the Woman
Silly Little Man
Sing To Me
Sister Shirley
Slow Down
Soldier Of Jah Army
Something To Believe In (feat. Stick Figure)
Song For a River
Spending My Inheritance
Stars And Stripes
Still You
Strength To Survive
Strong For Them
Summer Breeze
Talking To Myself
Tear It Down
Tell Me
The Best Damn Things in Life Are Free
The Day You Came
The End
The Green Come In (feat. Jacob Hemphill)
The Real Thing
The Second Coming Of Chris
The Unfunny
Things You Can't Control
Thinking In Ways
This Heart Of Mine (feat. Eric Swanson)
Time Come Due
To Whom It May Concern
Tore Down Flat In Jackson
Translation Of One
Treading Water
Tried My Best
True Love
Used To Matter
Waking Up
Walk Away
What Would?
What You Gonna Do?
When We Were Younger
Which One Of You
You And Me (feat. Chris Boomer)
You Don't Know Me
You're Not The Only One
Your Song
Your Song (feat. Damian Marley)
Zion Livity

Curiosités sur SOJA

Quelles sont les chansons principales de SOJA?
Les chansons principales de SOJA sont “True Love”, “You And Me (feat. Chris Boomer)”, “Everything Changes (feat. O Rappa)”, “Rest Of My Life”, et “Not Done Yet”.
Quels sont les albums principaux de SOJA?
Les albums principaux de SOJA sont “Peace In a Time Of War”, “Strenght To Survive”, “Born In Babylon”, “Get Wiser”, et “Live In Virginia”.
Quel est l’album le plus récent de SOJA?
L’album le plus récent de SOJA est “Beauty In The Silence”, sorti en 2021 avec 11 pistes.
Quel est l’album le plus ancien de SOJA?
L’album le plus ancien de SOJA est “Peace In a Time Of War”, sorti en 2002 avec 15 pistes.
Quelle est la chanson la plus réussie de SOJA?
La chanson la plus populaire de SOJA est “True Love”, de l’album “Peace In a Time Of War”, sorti en 2002.
Combien d’albums ont été publiés par SOJA?
Entre 2002 et 2021, 8 Albums ont été publiés par SOJA.

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