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1 step forward, 3 steps back
21st Century Girls
A Billion Sorrys
All I Want
all-american bitch
Apocalyptic Crush
astronaut (Unreleased)
baby is you
Bad Hair Day (feat. Madison Hu)
bad idea right?
ballad of a homeschooled girl
Bizaardvark Theme Song
Blobfish (feat. Madison Hu)
Born To Be Brave (feat. Dara Renee)
Breaking Free (feat. Matt Cornett & Joshua Bassett)
Can't Catch Me Now
Creature Of Habit
deja vu
Do Better (Unreleased)
drivers license
enough for you
Even When/The Best Part (feat. Joshua Bassett)
favorite crime
get him back!
​girl i’ve always been
good 4 u
happier / deja vu (Mashup)
hope ur ok
I Think I Kinda, You Know (feat. Joshua Bassett)
I'm Yours
jealousy, jealousy
Just Because
Just for a Moment (feat. Joshua Bassett)
love is embarrassing
Love The Haters (feat. Madison Hu)
making the bed
Miss This
Naive Girl
never be like her
Oops Wrong Emoji (feat. Madison Hu)
Out Of The Old
Pay Grade
pretty isn't pretty
Prison For Life (Unreleased)
Rebel Without a Clue
sad tune for your friday night
​scared of my guitar
Something in the Air
Start Of Something New
Strange (Unreleased)
Strangers Again (Unreleased)
Teenage Drama Queen
​teenage dream
The Bels
The Best Part
The Comeback Song (feat. Madison Hu)
The Exception
The Greatest Rap Song of All Time (feat. Madison Hu)
the grudge
The Ones I Love
The Rose Song
vampire (Clean)
​​​vampire (first demo)
What I've Been Looking For (feat. Matt Cornett)
White Flowers
Wondering (feat. Julia Lester)
You Never Know

Curiosités sur Olivia Rodrigo

Quelles sont les chansons principales de Olivia Rodrigo?
Les chansons principales de Olivia Rodrigo sont “drivers license”, “traitor”, “deja vu”, “good 4 u”, et “favorite crime”.
Quels sont les albums principaux de Olivia Rodrigo?
Les albums principaux de Olivia Rodrigo sont “SOUR”, “SOUR Prom”, et “GUTS”.
Quel est l’album le plus récent de Olivia Rodrigo?
L’album le plus récent de Olivia Rodrigo est “GUTS”, sorti en 2023 avec 12 pistes.
Quel est l’album le plus ancien de Olivia Rodrigo?
L’album le plus ancien de Olivia Rodrigo est “Bizaardvark (Music from the TV Series)”, sorti en 2016.
Quelle est la chanson la plus réussie de Olivia Rodrigo?
La chanson la plus populaire de Olivia Rodrigo est “drivers license”, de l’album “Drivers License”, sorti en 2021.
Combien d’albums ont été publiés par Olivia Rodrigo?
Entre 2016 et 2023, 4 Albums, 13 Singles/EPs, et 1 Compilation ont été publiés par Olivia Rodrigo.

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